CHAPTER 25 In which Radouan visits Mohktar, buys sheep for the annual Big Feast and has a passionate evening with Delphine.


CHAPTER 26 In which Delphine, a staunch vegetarian, experiences her first Aid El Kabir, becomes violently ill at his parents' house and Radouan tries to explain himself and his religion.


CHAPTER 27 In Ouarzazate, Radouan gets suspicious that Francesco and Delphine are plotting behind his back.


CHAPTER 28   In which Francesco has a brutal sexual experience.


CHAPTER 29   Radouan takes Delphine to a glamorous party and is mistaken for a hired dance act by the other guests.


CHAPTER 30   Radouan and Delphine alone.


CHAPTER 31   On seeing the video footage of Delphine's screen test, Francesco is eager to do a film with her but Radouan insists on a signed contract before they leave Ouarzazate.


CHAPTER 32   Radouan and Delphine sneak away for a night together and Radouan makes a secret call to Toni in Marrakech.


CHAPTER 33   In which Francesco is amazed at Radouan's grasp of legal details and, fearing to lose Delphine, agrees to a very substantial contract with her.


CHAPTER 34   Radouan and Delphine alone in her hotel suite.


CHAPTER 35    In which Radouan observes Delphine and Francesco dallying together, senses a change in her attitude and is dismayed to discover he's left his passport in Marrakech and won't be able to take the flight to Paris with them the following morning.  


CHAPTER 36   Radouan sees Delphine and Francesco off to Paris, starts driving over the mountains to Marrakech, has a miraculous escape from death and arrives at the Baroness' estate.


CHAPTER 37   In which the Baroness tells Radouan about her illegitimate son, kidnapped as a baby, and the young man who has turned up claiming to be that son. 


CHAPTER 38   In which Radouan and Toni decide to get married.


CHAPTER 39   The marriage of Radouan and Toni in London, their return to Marrakech and his determination to go to Paris alone, marry Delphine and to do his business deal with Francesco Monte.


CHAPTER 40   Afraid for the old Baroness, Radouan gets Mohktar a job at her estate and asks him to be his spy there.


CHAPTER 41  A conversation in the Hamam in which J.W. says he's heard the Baroness is terminally ill and that her long lost son has appeared.


CHAPTER 42   In which Radouan visits the Baroness and hears from Mohktar about a plot to murder the old lady and put the blame on Radouan.


CHAPTER 43   In Paris, Radouan moves into Delphine's apartment and makes unhappy discoveries.


CHAPTER 44   A wedding in Italy, a vicious attack and Radouan's abrupt departure for Marrakech.


CHAPTER 45    In which Radouan broods, decides to marry Hafida quickly and is surprised at Marrakech Passport Control by the police.


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