After drawing the curtains and putting Delphine to bed Radouan pads back down the hall to the suite he shares with Francesco, slips into his room and has just managed to get out of his wet clothes when Francesco appears at the door.

          ‘Ah amico’ he says, ‘I thought I heard you come in... where have you been?

          ‘Couldn’t sleep went for a walk where were you?’

          ‘At the pool with Delphine, nice pool there in the courtyard very relaxing.  Not only is your discovery beautiful in the tradition of all great movie queens... that relaxed languorous quality is really adorable, but she’s intelligent as well... which might cause problems later on I suppose.'

          ‘You think I would introduce you to some bimbo you can find anytime of the day or night?

          ‘Of course not.  What I want really is to watch you fuck her.’

          ‘Tha’s not part of our agreement, remember?  But I’ll think about it...’

          ‘Come let’s have a drink.  We need a drink to celebrate...’

          ‘Celebrate what?’

          ‘Getting here, that helicopter ride was scary!’

           They move to the bar where Francesco pours out two whiskeys on ice. Radouan downs his in one go and points to a bulge under his towel

          ‘Look... see how big my zahp gets just thinkin’ about her.’

          ‘Call her up then... tell her you want her to come in here right now!’

          ‘You don’t want it then, my zahp?  You said you wanted it like a woman, (shrugs) anyway she’s gone to sleep.  Come here.  Jus’ put your hand down there and feel it juss feel it...’

          Francesco reaches out and takes hold of the bulge. The towel falls to the floor.

          ‘Yaaz... like dat. Now I wan you’ to get down and suck it!  But firs’pour us two more drinks.  OK?  Then show me what y’can do’. 

          Radouan sprawls naked on a sofa. Francesco fills their glasses and returns. Francesco paces the room glancing at Radouan from time to time. They drink in silence.

          ‘Now down you, get you down on the floor habibi.  DOWN! An’ lick it, yass... an kiss it! 

           Francesco obeys. ‘

          ‘YAZ... tha’s very nice... you’re suprisin’ me habibi yes very I can see you really your tongue is really educated.  You been thinkin’ about this for a long time haven’t you?  Before there was no time, but now we got plenty.  Mmm yes.  SUCK IT SLUT.  I wanna see you get it real hard and wet and then you’re gonna take it up yo ass. Work!  And the bidat too please... yeah like dat very good! Ugh... I think you had a lot of practice (holds Francesco by the hair) YEAH  IWANNA?..you been holdin’ back on me? 

          Francesco comes up for air.  ‘Don’ stop man, DO NOT STOP!   You’re a... you really are a great cocksucker.  Great! You’re doin’ great now turn aroun’ an take off your shorts an’ get down an’ show me that ZOUK of yours.

          Still kneeling, Francesco turns around, his head and shoulders on the floor. Radouan gets up. ‘Spread it so I can see your Tina yass, like daht babe!   Mmm pull it apart so I can see inside so I can penetrate it. (slaps Francesco’s ass lubricates his cock with spit)

          Francesco: ‘EASY!... PIANO RAGGAZZO MIO, YOU’RE WAY TOO BIG!’

          Radouan getting excited now: ‘You know THAT, Iwanna. You seen it many times before... thinkin’about it wishin’to have it, yeah?  RIGHT?  UGH...Mmm I hope you’re clean if you’re not clean you’ll be sorry...’

          ‘EASY man mama mia mon dieu’

          ‘Juss relax m’ amico RELAX an let it slide in and out.  Like DAT yeah good... Mmm! 

          Radouan closes his eyes and rides Francesco.  Your pussy is HOT man... mmm tres chaud great fuck first class and tight ...TIGHT!’

          ‘Go easy...PIANO! PIANO!’

          ‘You wan me to fuck you or not?  You tell me you wanna get fucked like THAT... like a woman...well you muss know that woman she like to be fucked long and HARD... iss very important... tha’s what you said... mmmm... to be... UGH!.. for you to experience this feeling...YAZ?’

          ‘I’m cuming... I’m going shoot.’

           Radouan slaps Francesco’s ass hard. Take your fuckin’ hand away Iwanna stop jerkin’ off  if you do... if you come before I do you’ll be sorry I’ll punch you.  When I get excited I have to punch. UGHA! Now hold still...’


          ‘Iss your own fault Iwanna this is your idea isn’t it?...ISN’T IT?  Now you’re beginning to understand how the woman feels when she get fucked by Radouan!..YAZ?’

          ‘Santo cielo! Dio mio!’

          ‘Shut you up.  I’m not GOD ALMIGHTY, I’m PARADISE... you’re gettin’ a taste of the HEREAFTER m’amico. Now turn over on your back... yazz TURN! 

          Without withdrawing Radouan flips Francesco on his back, throws a towel over his face and tries to think of his orphan in the Mellah.

          Francesco’s voice, muffled.  ‘What the fuck you think you’re doing?  You trying to smother me?’

          ‘NO IWANNA, ah tryin’ to FUCK you... If I have to look at that face of yours I won’t be able too.  STOP STRUGGLIN’ AN’ RELAX!’ (punches Francesco in the stomach)

          ‘OUCH! God damnit it’s really you’re really killing me...its worse this way...’(throws the towel off)

          ‘NO HABIBI.  NO!’ (grabs Francesco’s hands pins him down and replaces the towel) If I have to look at those terrible eyes of yours I’ll never cum... you’re the only Italian I ever saw with eyes that blue... terrible... like shootin’out rays of destruction at me!...’


          ‘Say please again...(whispering)...I wanna hear you say it cause I LIKE IT.  YEAH!

          ‘Please please PLEASE!  I want you to come.’

          ‘I don’wanna cum Iwanna I’m not finished with you... jus’ relax and SPREAD... yeah easy like dat... um YEAH..! Don’worry. YEAH now you’re relaxin’ OPEN WIDE you want me to fix you you want another drink, mi amico?    We got all afternoon.  I DON’ THINK THIS IS THE FIRST TIME YOU BEEN FUCKED LIKE THIS HABIBI but maybe iss the lass!’

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