CHAPTER 46   In which Radouan is detained for the murder of Baroness von Schleebruck, is permitted to call his wife Toni and his friend Prospero, but is denied bail and taken to Boulmaraz prison.


CHAPTER 47   In which Nicholas K. Brady is thrown in Radouan's prison cell, Radouan fights with other inmates and he and Nick talk about their long relationship


CHAPTER 48   In which Omar and Houcein, are thrown into Radouan's cell, speak of Radouan's predicament and agree to help uncover the truth when they're released.


CHAPTER 49   In which Toni and Prospero visit the jail, discuss Mlle Saadi's role in the whole affair, the disinformation in the media and the news that a young man called Youssef is claiming to be the Baroness' long lost son and true heir.


CHAPTER 50   Far away in Rome, Francesco Monte shows Delphine the latest headlines in the London and Paris tabloids. Delphine is furious because she is not mentioned, throws a fit and collapses in Francesco's arms.


CHAPTER 51  In which Nick, as well as Omar and Houcein, are released leaving Radouan alone in close quarters with forty other men - a new experience which leads him to think deeply about himself.


CHAPTER 52   In which Francesco is allowed to see Radouan but Delphine is kept waiting until she agrees to a sexual encounter with the officer in charge. When she finally sees Radouan, he senses betrayal and tells Francesco to take her back to Rome and finish the film.


CHAPTER 53   We hear about the trials and tribulation of Radouan in prison, the worring news that Mohktar has disappeared and Radouan's confession to Toni.


CHAPTER 54  In which the visit of M. Larbi, the official in charge of Radouan, to Toni's apartment is interrupted by the arrival of Francesco and Delphine. Negotiations are broken off and the three Europeans have an illuminating conversation.


CHAPTER 55   Toni finally calls in her trainer Lahcen to protect her from the continual advances and money demands of M. Larbi.


CHAPTER 56   Another disturbing meeting with Larbi.


CHAPTER 57   In which a bribe is given.


CHAPTER 58   Toni has lunch with Mlle Saadi, meets Youssef the young man claiming to be the long lost son of the Baroness and hears Mlle Saadi's theories on why Radouan murdered the Baroness.


CHAPTER 59   In which Prospero gives Toni important information he's uncovered in Fez and tells her more about his background.


CHAPTER 60   Youssef orders a killing.


CHAPTER 61   For a high price, Radouan is transferred to the Psychiatric Hospital.


CHAPTER 62   In which Prospero tells Radouan about a statement from Mohktar and plays a tape containing vital evidence.


CHAPTER 63   In which Toni and Prospero brief Rupert's legal team and learn that large inducements are being offered to convict Radouan of the Baroness' murder.


CHAPTER 64   Toni and Prospero meet with government officials and are told of another mysterious death.


CHAPTER 65   Youssef arranges to meet the Baroness' server Zouheir and decides to leave Marrakech.


CHAPTER 66   Zouheir makes a confession to the police, goes to meet Youssef and has an unfortunate end while Youssef escapes Marrakech.


CHAPTER 67   In which Toni visits a psychiatric hospital, sees a young man called Moulay, has a crucial insight and learns from Prospero about the large inducements being offered by foreigners for Radouan to be found guilty.


CHAPTER 68   What happens to Youssef in Geneva.


CHAPTER 69   The trial of Radouan begins.


CHAPTER 70   Incriminating testimony against Radouan is given but is challenged by Prospero.


CHAPTER 71   In which the court reconvenes and Prospero introduces sensational new evidence. 


CHAPTER 72   After a witness is rushed to a nearby clinic to be patched up, the Public Prosecutor tries to demolish Prospero's case by introducing new evidence of his own and Prospero drops a bomb shell.


CHAPTER 73   In which Prospero and Toni discuss Radouan's chances for acquittal and Pero explains the difference between European law and Sharia.


CHAPTER 74   At the Mamounia gym, Toni is told horrifying news about her trainer Lahcen.  


CHAPTER 75   In which the Tribunal reconvenes and the Cadi summarizes the evidence and announces the judgments.


CHAPTER 76   Radouan is freed, the Hearing adjourns and Prospero and Toni give Radouan some good advice.


CHAPTER 77    In which Toni gives a reconciliation party and Radouan rises to the occasion.


CHAPTER 78   In which Toni and Radouan discuss recent events with Nicholas, Prospero, Francesco and Delphine; Toni begs Delphine not to divorce Radouan and tells her she has a wedding present for her.


CHAPTER 79   Toni surprises Radouan, Delphine receives her present and while the friends are celebrating, Radouan disappears and Prospero and Toni's relationship changes dramatically.  


CHAPTER 80   In which Radouan has a secret reunion with Mohktar and makes an important decision.  


CHAPTER 81   The Baroness' funeral.


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