CHAPTER 1   In which we meet Radouan and the orphan Mohktar and  Radouan celebrates his 36th birthday. 


CHAPTER 2  The Baroness reminisces and reveals some of her secrets and a terminal disease.


CHAPTER 3   We meet Nicholas K. Brady III and Radouan's sister Fouzia.


CHAPTER 4   Radouan explains his relationship with Nicholas to Fouzia.


CHAPTER 5    In which Radouan's mother announces she has found a 15 year old girl of their own tribe she wants him to marry. 


CHAPTER 6   Radouan pays a late night visit to J.W.'s Hamam and expresses his consternation at his mother's proposal.


CHAPTER 7   In which we meet Radouan's long time friend, Antonia (Toni) Howard, recently divorced from an English Marquess and hoping to marry Radouan.


CHAPTER 8   Radouan returns to his house in the Medina and makes love to Mohktar. 


CHAPTER 9   Radouan has lunch with Toni at the Hotel Mamounia and accidentally meets Delphine Bene, a model on a shoot for Vogue, who will become the great passion of his life (and his second wife). 


CHAPTER 10   Radouan looks in on Nicholas Brady and bumps into his friend Pero (Prospero Serfati).  They discuss the problems of looking after Nick and later Radouan tries to console Nick.


CHAPTER 11   In which Radouan returns to Toni's flat to patch things up with her and receives a call from the French beauty Delphine. 


CHAPTER 12   In which Radouan thinks he's going to seduce Delphine but is infuriated to be turned away.  


CHAPTER 13   Radouan goes to the mosque and prays he will see Delphine again, then returns to Toni's flat for some early morning love making.


CHAPTER 14   In which Radouan goes to a poor quarter outside the Medina to meet Hafida, the 15 year old girl his mother has picked out for him to marry. Negotiations between his and her family drag on without anything being settled; however, Hafida is more attractive than Radouan had expected.


CHAPTER 15   In which Radouan visits the world famous film director, Francesco Monte who has been leaving messages for him on his cell phone.  Francesco invites him to a big party he's giving that evening.


CHAPTER 16   In which Radouan and Toni argue about food and the behavior of her maid, about money and a business deal he won't tell her about, and the problems they'll face if they get married. 


CHAPTER 17   Radouan visits Nick Brady and tries to settle a dispute between him and his sister Fouzia.  When he mentions 15 year old Hafida to Nick, they discuss the possibility of Radouan having more than one wife. 


CHAPTER 18   In which Radouan encounters Delphine again, she plays the dominatrix with him and for the first time in his life he plays submissive slave - all the better to trap her, he reasons.


CHAPTER 19   Radouan goes to see Toni at her flat, but finds she has not returned from dinner.  When she comes in, they fight about her being so late and their coming marriage.  


CHAPTER 20   In which Radouan has a conversation late at night with his invalid father who talks about a secret treasure passed down through the generations and indicates he knows about Radouan's relationship with Mohktar. 


CHAPTER 21   Radouan tells JW about his father's condition as well as his fascination with Delphine, his problems with Toni and his meeting with the 15 year old Hafida.


CHAPTER 22   In which Radouan brings Delphine to meet the famous director Francesco Monte at his villa in the Mamounia garden.


CHAPTER 23   In which Radouan and Delphine consummate their mutual passion and tell each other about their backgrounds.


CHAPTER 24 In which Radouan and Francesco Monte talk about Delphine and Francesco agrees that she could be a big star but refuses to promote her unless he can have Radouan also. A deal, to be sealed after Delphine's screen test, is finally agreed upon.


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